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“You charge too much for content”

Shreya PattarAug 19, 1 min

“You charge too much for content”

Me, 1 year ago:
“Content writing is difficult, it requires hours and hours of research, writing skills, commitment, hard work…”

Me, now:
“I’m a premium content writer. Here are my testimonials. Please contact me if you’d like to work with me.”

Why did I change my response?

1. The other person doesn’t care how difficult something I do is. They just want to get things done for the least possible price.

2. For something to be valued, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Content writing is something I love — it’s not difficult; I’m fast at it; I’m good at it.

Build your case,
Sell your achievements,
But stop justifying yourself everywhere.

How do you respond to this question?


P.S. Ask for what you want. Believe that you deserve it, and then allow life to give it to you.

~ Louise Hay

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