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Writing is like cycling.

Shreya PattarMay 14, 1 min

Writing is like cycling.

You can’t learn cycling by reading about it.

The number of hours you spend reading about cycling is irrelevant…

Until you START cycling.

You fall down,
You scrape your elbows & knees,
You get hurt…

But if you keep at it, eventually, you will learn to balance well.

That’s how you learn cycling… and writing.

Writing can be improved only by writing.

Yes, the fundamentals like grammar & vocabulary may be learnt through reading.

But if you want to improve writing, practice it.

For every hour of reading, spend at least 10 hours writing.

If you need inspiration, read for 15-20 minutes and then start writing.

Eventually you won’t need an external inspiration to write.

Of course, reading for learning, academics and enjoyment have a different context.

But if you want to improve a skill, be consistent in DOING and practising, rather than just reading.


P.S. Knowledge is the beginning of practice; doing is the completion of knowing.

~ Wang Yangming

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