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Why Motivation Doesn’t Work For You?

Shreya PattarSep 26, 1 min

For months & months, I avoided going to the gym.

Getting out of the bed,
Putting on gym clothes,
Wearing socks & shoes,
Walking to the gym… it was all such a huge task.

I sat around waiting for “motivation”, the “right time”, “right mood”…

For “motivation” & “right mood,”
I watched workout videos,
Read about meal plans,
Downloaded workout apps.

Finally, I decided to just get up and go.

2x a week…
3x a week…
4x a week…

Now, I regularly go the gym 4-5x a week.

Where did I find the motivation to workout?

I did the ONE thing that really mattered the most — I showed up in the gym.

Once I was in the gym, I didn’t need the motivation.

This applies to almost every aspect of our life: be it writing, studying, cleaning…

Once we start a task we love, motivation becomes redundant.

Accomplishing a task without waiting for motivation spills over to other tasks too.

So, just start. Motivation will follow.

Would you choose to be motivation-dependent or motivation-independent?


P.S. I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.

~ Pearl S. Buck

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