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When I began posting on LinkedIn, I would write and rewrite for days & days for the ‘perfect’ story.

Shreya PattarMay 23, 1 min

I would write a post,
Rewrite it,
Edit it,
Proofread it,
Get ready to post it,
Ask myself whether it was good enough,
And then…
Just before hitting “Post”…
I would rewrite it.

I always wanted my stories to be perfect.

Then I realised…

Creating content is not about writing down the perfect story.

Creating content is about sharing the many stories I have to tell.

My content is all about my journey, my processes, my experiences… MY story.

And now, that’s all I do. Share my story.

What do you share— stories or perfect stories?


P.S. I believe in just doing it and not really looking for excuses because who really cares in the end? No one but oneself.

~ Nancy Crow

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