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What is the real value of content?

Shreya PattarJul 01, 1 min

Content creates value.

Content conveys value.

Content documents.

Content connects.

Content teaches.

Content entertains.

Content sells.

Content prods.

Content create aspiration.

Content gives context.

Content gives meaning.

Content creates emotional identity.

Content agrees.

Content negates.

Content questions.

Content answers.

Content needs producers.

Content needs consumers.

Content needs transmission.

Content pays.

Content creates brand.

Content makes opinions.

Content is art.

Content is science.

Content is truth.

Content is propaganda.

Content is timeless.

Content is forever.

Content establishes your presence.

Content is your legacy.

What does content mean to you?


P.S. Great work is not created for everyone. If it were, it would be average work.

~ Linchpin (Seth Godin)

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