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What do copywriters really do???

Shreya PattarApr 11, 1 min

Chava Shapiro asked in her recent post:

“It’s a little embarrassing that I make a living out of helping businesses articulate what they do, and yet people often seem confused when I try to explain what I do.

In all seriousness, where am I going wrong? Why does it seem difficult for people to understand what a copywriter does? Help!? “

Here’s my response:

This used to happen to me a lot. When I told people I was a writer, they asked what news article I wrote recently. When I told them I was a copywriter, they assumed I copy and write. Hmm.

Now, I just tell them things like this:

🍷 The delicious description of the wine that makes you grab that bottle? That’s me.

📷 That caption you took a screenshot of? That’s me.

📕 That description you read at the back of your book? That’s me.

📩 Those annoying newsletters you get, that you just can’t stop reading? That’s me.

💰 That ad that makes you want to spend more $$$ to save some $? That’s me.

📺 That Netflix show description that makes you want to watch it? That’s me.

This helps people realise that EVERYTHING IS CONTENT!


P.S. Good content is not story telling. It’s telling your story well.

~ Ann Handley

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