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What creating content for yourself mean?

Shreya PattarOct 28, 1 min

I released my first ebook #Anthology in August, and in September I wrote an ebook for a client!

Creating #Anthology helped me understand what goes into writing an ebook.

So, when a client approached me to write them an ebook as a lead magnet, I instantly said yes!

I created the structure,
Planned out the details,
And finished writing the ebook within 3 days.

The client accepted the ebook in the first submission!

My client’s ebook would not have been possible without actually having written an ebook for myself first.

This is exactly why we, the content writers, need to focus on creating content for ourselves.

It’s good to create content for clients,
But before that, we need to create similar content for ourselves.

Write articles,
Share LinkedIn posts,
Post on Instagram,
Create videos on YouTube…

Start doing things for yourself,
And use that experience to help your clients!

What will you start creating for yourself?


P.S. You cannot create an experience. You must undergo it.

~ Albert Camus

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