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Today, I’m much more than a content writer…

Shreya PattarMar 20, 1 min

4 years ago, I started writing content for blogs, social media and websites.

I enjoyed it so much and was so good at it that I thought I would do this for my lifetime.

Then, 2 years ago, I started college, which let me to explore many more possibilities.

And in the last 2 months, I did so much more than writing content.

I brought my startup idea to life, pitched it 6 times in a month, and won funding for it.

I presented at KPMG, sharing my recommendations for one of their clients.

I thought I had a flair only for writing content, but the last few months have said something else.

I am enjoying being a writer, presenter, marketer, communicator, public speaker… the list is getting long.

The truth is: we can never know what we are good at.

As a student, it’s best to seek out and explore all opportunities. It’s best to be multi-skilled.

More importantly, it allows scope for failure, and time to overcome that failure and make things work.

And when things do work out, they could be beyond our wildest imaginations.

We wouldn’t know anything without trying.

What did you not know you were good at until you tried it?


P.S. A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one.

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