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The art of engaging as a brand…

Shreya PattarApr 11, 1 min

The art of engaging as a brand…

A brand gets different responses/ comments:

1. Appreciative
2. Provocative and abusive
3. Critical/feedback-oriented.

How to respond in each case:

1. Thank them for their appreciation.

2. Engage only if you can leave an empathetic imprint. Else avoid.

3. For critical/feedback-oriented comments, follow these steps:

— i. Begin with empathy:
“We are sorry you had to face this issue, [name].”

— ii. Provide your solution:
“Please drop us an email at xxx and we will look into this issue.”

— iii. Offer to help:
“If you have any questions/concerns, please message us and we’ll help you out.”

— iv. Be grateful:
“Thanks for choosing us!”

#Eg., if my brand SNB sold a notebook and got a comment from Pooja that the pages were stained, I would respond:

“We are sorry you had to face this issue, Pooja. Please raise a complaint at SNBdotcom and our team will help you with the best solution. If you have any other concerns, please write to us. Thanks for choosing SNB!”

As a brand, be humane.
Be empathetic.

How you make people FEEL is what sticks with your brand.


P.S. Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms. — Simon Mainwaring

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