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I’d spent INR 4,800 on contact lenses…

Shreya PattarMar 28, 1 min

I didn’t like my specs, so I started wearing contact lenses.

But I found contact lenses uncomfortable for daily use. So I would wear them only during outings or to parties.

When I brought these new lenses home, my dad said:

“Why wear lenses only for outings? You should not change yourself for certain occasions or certain people.

Be 100% comfortable in specs, or 100% comfortable in lenses. Always be comfortable with yourself.”

The next day, I returned the lenses.

I completely stopped wearing lenses.

I wore specs for the next 18 months (got a laser surgery few months ago.)

Although this seems simple, it was a very important lesson for me.

Over time, wearing only specs gave me a sense of comfort and confidence.

It all became less stressful — I didn’t have to think whether I wanted to wear lenses or specs— there was no option!

And that’s how big lessons hide in small situations.

I’m thankful to my dad for showing me how to learn from them.

Thanks dad!
And happy birthday!

Shreekant Pattar


P.S. Being a daddy’s girl is like having permanent armor for the rest of your life.

~ Marinela Reka

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