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“Speak over the phone before hiring anyone”

Shreya PattarJul 01, 1 min

“Speak over the phone before hiring anyone.”

A few months ago, I started building my team.

How did I hire?

I came across LinkedIn posts by content creators “Looking for projects”

I asked them for work samples,
Checked their work samples,
And if I liked the samples, I hired them.

And soon, slippages in work started.

A few weeks in, I spoke to my dad about my team not working out long-term.

I shared my selection process.

He asked, “Did you speak to them? Over the phone?”


“Always speak over the phone before hiring anyone,” he said.

From that instant I overhauled my recruitment process.

Speaking over the phone (even if for just 10 minutes,)
Gave me a new insight into the writer & their work ethics.
And the writers too got to know my expectations on the deliverables.

Now, I’ve stuck with my new team for months together.

Indeed, a phone call works wonders.

How do you hire/join a team?


P.S. Pick up the phone and talk to the candidate. Give them the verbal handshake and build that relationship so they will trust you.

~ Derek Bambrick

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