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Read this before you start your freelancing journey!

Shreya PattarAug 12, 1 min

My first freelancing gig brought me $75 for a 400-word article.

My next gigs were writing brochures & social media posts at negotiated prices.

During the early stages of freelancing, my gigs brought me the 50% advance but not the 50% balance.

Lately, 99.5% of my gigs have brought in 100% payment with complete client satisfaction.

This is what freelancing is — it’s an unpredictable yet exciting game.

You don’t know how your work came in today,
You don’t know where your work will come from tomorrow,
You don’t know how long the work will stick with you.

The best you can do?

Put your best content out there,
Stick to it long-term,
And make freelancing as predictable & stable as possible for yourself.

And yes, freelancing stability IS possible IF you embrace its unpredictability.

Make it work for you.

How have you grown as a freelancer?


P.S. Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.

~ John Allen Paulos

P.P.S. It took me over a YEAR to figure out LinkedIn & freelancing (& I’m still learning!) Then, it brought me 100s & 1000s of $$$. Want to save that 1 year? Check out my ebook #Anthology

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