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A prospect approaches me on LinkedIn.

Shreya PattarApr 13, 1 min

A prospect approaches me on LinkedIn.

We discuss his requirement.

We fix up a call for 3pm on a Tuesday.

I add the call details to my calendar.

It is Tuesday, 2:30pm.

I text the prospect with a reminder about the call.

It’s 3pm.

I call the prospect.

No answer.

I try again in 5 minutes.

No answer.

I drop a text and it ends there.

3 hours later, I get a text, “I forgot about the call. I am free now, can we talk?”

Hmm… no, we can’t.

To me, punctuality is very important.

Respecting each other’s time is critical.

It hints me about what kind of a client a prospect would be.

It plays a key role in deciding whether to work with them.

Of course, I understand sudden issues causing delayed response.

But ‘forgetting’ a call is not one of them.

If you schedule a call with someone, honour it.

Respect and value your time, and theirs.


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