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Pro-Tip For Invoicing For Freelancers

Shreya PattarSep 13, 1 min

Pro-tip for invoicing:

If you have negotiated with your client,
Mention that negotiated rate as a discount in your invoice.

Original rate = INR 10,000/-
Negotiated rate = INR 8,000/-

In your invoice, write:
INR 10,000
Less: discount @ 20%
INR 8,000


1. The client is aware of your original value and negotiation.
2. If the client is long-term and it comes to renewing the rates, your invoices will be an easy, indisputable reminder of the original rates.

Have you ever done this?


P.S. Creative people don’t follow rules, they don’t necessarily break them either, they almost always make their own!

~ Stacey Bendet

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