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Once, there lived a little boy

Shreya PattarApr 11, 1 min

Once, there lived a little boy.

He found a seed.

He planted it & dreamed of savouring the mangoes it would yield.

Days passed.
So did weeks, months, and years.

Then… a little ball, as crimson as the hue of the dawning sun, hung on the once-little-tree’s branch.

The boy, not-so-little-anymore, spotted this sphere from a few feet below.

He climbed the branches,
Met a few ants & cobwebs,
Caught hold of the fruit,
And huddled back down.

As soon as his feet touched the soft grass, he expected to see a mango in his hand.

It was an orange.

He was shattered. He was angry.

Instantly, he hated the tree.

He wanted to get rid of it so he wouldn’t be reminded of his foolishness.

He lifted his axe and began chopping down the tree.

He kept thinking how the tree had deceived him.

He got angry & upset, and kept swinging his axe.

Then, it struck him:
The tree wasn’t a mango tree at all.
It was an orange tree.

No amount of care or love could make an orange tree grow mangoes.

He let down the axe.

He brought some water, nurtured the tree again.

And finally, he learnt to savour the sweetness of an orange.


Lesson? Appreciate what it is, than dream of what it could have been.

©️Shreya Pattar, 2017

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