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“Never say no to money…”

Shreya PattarSep 13, 1 min

“Never say no to money…”

This happened during my early freelancing days.

I spoke to a prospect for web copy.

The prospect said, “I’m traveling for a few days; I’ll pay ₹1000 now. I’ll pay the rest once I’m back next week.”

I thought: ₹1000 is a small amount.

So I emailed the prospect:
“It’s okay, you may pay the whole amount together.”

Later that day, I shared this conversation with my dad.

My dad said, “NEVER say no to money.”

I didn’t really understand what my dad meant.

Soon, it started to make sense.

The prospect stopped replying to my emails and the deal never happened.

That’s when I realised:

If I had accepted the “small” amount of ₹1000,
the prospect would have:
– been invested in the project
– not let his initial investment go waste
– completed the project & paid the balance amount.

By not accepting that ₹1000, I refused the client’s commitment to work with me.

This was a life-changing lesson.

What lesson(s) did you learn when you began freelancing?


P.S. Never say no to money

~ My dad

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