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Marketing for a marketing agency???

Shreya PattarJul 31, 1 min

Some of my clients are social media marketing agencies.

For these agencies, I cover all social media marketing:
– strategy
– copywriting
– graphics
– scheduling, etc

Initially, I found it odd: marketing for a marketing agency…?

But then I realised: marketing is tough.

And when you’re already doing it for others, you tend to neglect your own marketing.

Don’t do this.

Prioritise your marketing.

Focus on:
– building your visibility;
– prospecting consistently;
– grabbing opportunities
– working on YOUR OWN brand.

Your brand matters.

Don’t neglect yourself. Don’t neglect your branding.

Are you working on your brand?


P.S. You too are a brand. Whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not.

~ Marc Ecko

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