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“Managing positive and negative comments”

Shreya PattarJul 19, 1 min

“How do you manage the positive & negative comments?,” asked Hardik Patni.

Over the years, I have received a lot of positivity — I’m really lucky that people appreciate my work.

I really appreciate everyone who comments positively, and also those who send me very kind, long, personal messages.

When it comes to criticism, I accept it.

Yet, sometimes, people comment something that’s not relevant, and not even sensible for that post…

Earlier, I would get agitated.

Now, I am okay.

Now I understand they are just a part of life, and they help keep me grounded.

I mean, if it were all good, it wouldn’t be real!

[An excerpt from my interview with Hardik Patni]

How do you deal with negative comments?


P.S. Negative comments can be deleted or ignored. Works for the internet and real life too.

~ Tara Stiles

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