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Are you making this mistake on LinkedIn?

Shreya PattarApr 11, 1 min

Are you making this mistake on LinkedIn?

A few days ago, I saw an error in a LinkedIn post.

I sent this DM to the writer:

“Hey, I’ve been reading your recent posts, they are good! Just one suggestion: don’t use ‘shall.’ Write ‘I will’, or ‘I am.’

‘Shall’ is an awkward word to use in most instances, so avoid it almost everywhere. Hope this helps :)”

His response?

“That’s a great observation Shreya! Thanks for pointing it out. I’m happy you like my content :)”

This is my personal rule:
Never share the error as a public comment. Instead, DM the writer.



– LinkedIn posts take a lot of time and effort to create
– Errors are a natural part of the writing process
– Most of us are exposing our vulnerable aspect in writing.

A LinkedIn post is beyond its errors.

And writers are beyond their writing flaws.

Remember: kindness towards each other’s creativity will make the world creative and kind.

So, don’t make the mistake of not being kind on LinkedIn.

Oh, and if someone does comment about an error: thank them for it.

How would you prefer to know about your writing errors?


P.S. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.

~Sophia Loren

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