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My July 2020 Snapshot

Shreya PattarAug 12, 1 min

July 2020 Snapshot:

Along with working on my ebook, prospecting & writing for clients and expanding my team, July has been a rather lucky roller coaster ride with many broadcasting sessions:

3 webinars
3 interviews

12 Instagram Live Sessions:

1. The Freelancing Mindset – Everyday Starts With 0
2. How to communicate with clients
3. Pricing your services as a freelancer
4. How to create an effective to-do list
5. Q&A
6. How to discover your writing style
7. How to find clients on LinkedIn
8. How to build your personal brand
9. How to write an article that the client approves instantly
10. Tips for newbie writers
11. Ask me anything!
12. How to negotiate with clients

How was your July 2020?


P.S. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr

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