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I was a poet before I became a content writer.

Shreya PattarMar 28, 2 min

I have written 400+ poems.

This World Poetry Day, I thought I’d share one with you, written by 13-year-old me.

23rd December, 2012


Competition is a way of life
It is not an alternative to fight
It is a way of being true to learning
It isn’t gained without losing something.

Competition – a way to prove oneself better
Something upon which living matters
It can make a friend one’s worst enemy
It can fill a person with loads of jealousy.

Competition – persuades to fill oneself with knowledge
It’s not as easy as making porridge
Once you have won, no one will forget you
They’ll make sure they’re the next ones to compete you.

There are a few things, from competition, that I have learnt
That winning is not at all easy to earn
Losing does not matter at all
But if you win, you’ve won it all.

Losing won’t make you less of a (wo)man
But winning will make you a part of master plans.
Competitions make you feel great and true
It makes your intelligence feel brand new.


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