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I recruit writers secretly.

Shreya PattarApr 23, 1 min

I recruit writers secretly.

That’s right.

I have been growing my team.


Many new writers message me for guidance.

I give them advice and help them out.

They thank me.

The conversation stops.


The connection doesn’t stop.

I then follow their posts for a few weeks.

I check the content they are putting out.

I check whether they are improving.

I check whether they are following my advice.

I look for skill, growth & passion.

And I find that… in some people.

So I message them.

“Would you like to write for me?”

And they almost instantly say yes.

That’s how I recruit writers.


Put your best work forward.
You never know who’s watching. [Maybe I am!]


P.S. You fail only if you stop writing.

~ Ray Bradbury


Psst… don’t worry about experience. I do my best to support new writers. If you have the skill & passion you have a shot!

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