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I NEVER charge per word.

Shreya PattarApr 11, 1 min

I NEVER charge per word.

[Reposting this since pricing services is a dilemma!]

Quoting a price is much more than finance. It is all about the human psyche. It’s about understanding how the mind perceives information.

Suppose I quote “INR 8 per word for a 400-word blog*”.

Here’s what happens:

1. This statement starts a tedious process of calculation in the reader’s mind

2. The reader starts multiplying 400 with 8, and starts worrying about the number of digits in the end result

3. It makes the reader compare my charge to the value of one word, than the overall article (1 word= INR 8??? Oh my God!)

4. It creates the perception that I am charging TOO high for content.


When I quote “INR 3,200 for a 400-word blog*”, the game changes.


1. The brain is spared of calculations where 2 small numbers create a much larger one

2. The reader considers the overall amount being paid for the value of a complete article.

A blog is much more than a set of words put together. So why charge per word?

Charge for the #value you provide.


P.S. *the mentioned prices are for example only 🙂

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