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“I am running a business!!!”

Shreya PattarApr 13, 1 min

“I am running a business!!!”

Until a few months ago, I would heavily negotiate with my prospects.

I would quote my price, then the prospects would quote theirs.
In the fear of losing them, I would say okay.

Then one day while I was in a mall, I saw a handbag with a price tag of INR 15,000. Next to it was a similar bag of another brand, with a tag of INR 3,000.

That’s when I realised:
> When I go shopping and see a price tag, I can’t negotiate with the cashier.

> I can’t negotiate just because I am buying 3 handbags.

> I can’t negotiate just because I visited their store every week.

So why should I negotiate for content?

THAT was my turning point.

I stopped negotiating.
I stopped giving ‘bulk’ offers.
I stopped arguing over prices.

I remembered that I run a business, and that I am in charge of what I charge.

That’s when my game changed.

What does your game look like?


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