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How YouTube helped me get a lead?

Shreya PattarOct 28, 1 min

Within a week of posting on YouTube, I got my first lead today!

I’ve wanted to create YouTube videos for a while…

I didn’t have any meant-for-YouTube videos, so I kept waiting to make videos suitable for the platform.

Then, last week, I made a decision.

I decided to start posting on YouTube the videos that I had – my IGTV, interviews, webinars, etc.

And today morning, I got a lead who found me on YouTube!

This proves again & again:

Starts are supremely paramount.
Any start is better than the most perfect/ ideal start.

You don’t need to the create “perfect content.”

You don’t need to wait for the “perfect time.”

All you need to do is start. Just start.

Make use of your beginner’s luck!

What will you start right now?


P.S. Beginner’s Luck: It is a force that wants you to realise your destiny, it whets your appetite with a taste of success.

~ Mohasin Khan

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