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“How can we think clearly while writing?”

Shreya PattarApr 13, 1 min

Last month, I had a webinar for students of the University of Nigeria.

Questions asked by the students:

“While writing my mind buzzes with grammatical mistakes…”

— Thoughts are faster than writing. Always, always, always focus on writing first. Get it all out.

“How can we think clearly?”

— Thinking clearly comes with practice. Once you get used to writing and editing repeatedly, you will figure out what to keep and what to discard. Preparing an outline helps.

“Video or text?”

— Context matters. Each platform has its own advantage. On Instagram and Facebook, videos work more. On LinkedIn, I find both to be at par. Remember: consistency wins.

“Should I intern?”

— Yes! Internships help you learn what you don’t know and explore your interests. Internships are trials. Experiment!

Special thanks to Emmanuel Ikonne for having me at this webinar!

I look forward to more webinars for students across the world!


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