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How To Take Responsibility Of Your Freelancing Team?

Shreya PattarDec 23, 1 min

As a freelancer, you have certain skill sets.

You may have hired freelancers, with skill sets similar to or different from yours.

Now, all of you work together as a team, and help your clients meet their goals.

Suddenly, a client’s work goes wrong.

The client didn’t like an article that your teammate wrote, and reaches out to you with a grievance.

Now, what do you do?

Do you say the piece was not written by you, but by your teammate?
Do you blame your writer?
Do you instantly call and blast your writer?


Do you take responsibility and focus on solving the client’s issue?

When we have a team, each person on our team is individually responsible to submit their best work.

BUT, as a leader,
You are responsible for each person on your team.

So if a client has any concerns,
As a leader,
YOU should be accountable, and
YOU should take the responsibility of fixing the problem instantly.

How do you deal with such situations?


P.S. A culture of accountability makes a good organisation great and great organisation unstoppable.

~ Henry Evans

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