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How to charge for content writing?

Shreya PattarMay 23, 1 min

Per #word

– Get paid for exactly what you write

– No advance payment
– Uncertain final word count, hence unpredictable pay

Per #hour

– Helpful when the scope of work is not clearly defined
– Possibility of advance payment for a certain number of hours

– Hourly rates turn into large numbers quickly
– Client may not be prepared for large numbers & hence renegotiate later.

Per #project

– Full advance payment possible
– Income clearly defined

– Pressure to complete the task
– More responsibility & accountability towards content quality & delivery.

So, how do you plan to charge?


P.S. Competing with everyone: $10/hr
Competing with a few: $100/hr
Selling a product: $1,000/hr
Building equity: $10,000/hr
Making a market: $100,000/hr

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