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“How Much Can You Earn By Freelancing?”

Shreya PattarDec 23, 1 min

“Shreya, how much can I earn through freelancing?”

How many followers can I get?
How many likes can I get?
How many clients can I close?
How high can I jump?
How fast can I run?
How far can I swim?
How many…
How can…
How will…

It’s ALL up to us.

It’s up to us how we leverage our intrinsic advantages.

It’s up to our efforts.

It’s up to our mindset.

It’s up to our commitment.

It’s up to the competition or ecosystem we face.

It’s up to our social skills to build meaningful relationships.

It’s up to our persistence in the face of resistance we encounter.

And finally, it’s upto our luck!

Now, are you ready to conquer freelancing?


P.S. If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.

~ Tom Dreeson

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