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“Hi” is overrated, “Thank you” is underrated.

Shreya PattarJul 01, 1 min

“Hi” is overrated,
“Thank you” is underrated.

I work with many freelancers.

Graphic designers,
Video editors,
Web developers.

How do I know if they are a good fit?
How do I know if I can work with them long-term?

Their words of acknowledgement.

I process the payment,
Share the screenshot with the freelancer.

Normally, the response is:
“Received payment, thank you.”

Sometimes, the response is:

And… it’s odd. Really odd.

Some things are never outdated.
Saying thanks tops that list.

Someone filled in your survey?
Someone gave you feedback on content?
Someone confirmed the deal?
Someone set up a call on a weekend?

Say “Thank you.”
Always say “Thank you.”

If you want to stand out,
Say thanks & acknowledge others.

Be courteous.
Be kind.

Do you say “thank you”?


P.S. Anyone too busy to say thank you will get fewer and fewer chances to say it.

~ Harvey Mackay

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