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He made ₹24,00,000 (₹24 lacs) in 24 hrs!

Shreya PattarApr 23, 1 min

He made ₹24,00,000 (₹24 lacs) in 24 hrs!

Puneet Rao is a fitness coach.

He has 31,000 followers on Instagram.

He owns a gym.

During the lockdown, his gym has been shut.

So he conducted FREE live workout sessions on Instagram for 3 weeks.

3 days ago, he started a one-month long online workout program.

Fee: ₹2000 per person, per month

And in 24 hours,

1200 people registered!

And just like that…


₹24,00,000 in his bank account!

What did Puneet do right?

1. Understood & leveraged the business side of his passion for health & fitness

2. Built a community of like-minded people on Instagram

3. Conducted Live workout sessions for FREE; earned trust & credibility

4. Provided real & tangible value in the virtual world

5. Priced his training program perfectly & donated 10% of the earnings.

This “overnight success” took him 10 years of commitment to fitness & Instagram.

So… commit to what you’re good at, and HUGE results will come.


P.S. The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness.

~ Joan Miro

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