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Freelancing Mindset you need to adopt

Shreya PattarJul 08, 1 min

The Freelancing Mindset: Everyday starts with 0

I am not a mindset expert.

Yesterday, I spoke about MY understanding of the freelancing mindset.

🤔 What is the freelancing mindset?

Positivity? No. It’s being real!

🚫 Avoid these 3 mindsets:

1. The undervaluing mindset
2. The victim mindset
3. The entitled mindset

✅ Nurture this mindset:

1. Make YOUR order in the chaos.
2. Work towards changing YOUR freelancing reality
3. Be prepared for anything
4. Maintain your composure
5. Don’t take things personally

[ Watch full IGTV – @shreyapattar ]

Do freelancers need a different mindset to succeed?


P.S. Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

~ Steve Maraboli

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