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Freelancers are jugglers.

Shreya PattarApr 09, 1 min

We juggle multiple tasks singlehandedly.

I often hear freelancers talk about the challenges in prospecting, client engagement, pricing, payments and more.

Yet one thing that is rarely talked about is the use of multiple apps repeatedly in our workflow.

Every day, I use so many apps and platforms to get my work done:

Google Docs
Google Sheet

I end up juggling 10 tabs on my laptop, making it challenging to focus on one task.

This reduces my work efficiency a lot.

This also takes up a lot of my time that I could have spent in completing the work and meeting my deadlines.

So yes, freelancing is not only challenging, it’s also disorganised.

And I know many of you are facing these problems too…

So I have created a survey to understand the challenges faced by freelancers.

I request you to fill it in and help me dig deep into the challenges of the freelancing community.

The link is in comments.

Please comment “Done” when you’ve filled the form.

I‘ll be picking one lucky freelancer for a FREE 20-min content consultation call with me!

Thank you so much for your time!


P.S. No research without action, no action without research.

~ Kurt Lewin

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