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A Flashback To The Journey Until Today…

Shreya PattarSep 26, 1 min

2 years ago today, a 2-min chat with Jeff Weiner (Ex-CEO & Present Executive Chairman of LinkedIn) changed my life!

In these last 2 years, I have:

• Shared 600+ posts on LinkedIn
• Received 1000s of leads and worked with 200+ clients across continents
• Won funding for my startup
• Released my first ebook #Anthology to rave reviews
• Been a speaker for 30+ webinars and given 100+ live sessions/ interviews
• Started providing high-value content on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and my website

My point is…
Every single opportunity can drastically change your life.

Be tenacious and thankful for the blessings you receive.

Identify opportunities,
Show up,
And make the most of them.

Magical things happen when we show up! ✨

What one thing changed your life?


PS: Thanks to Jeff Weiner for the 2-min chat. Thanks to LinkedIn for the amazing community. Thanks to YOU for supporting my content ❤️


Shreya Pattar with Jeff Weiner

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