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Figure Out What Works For You And Own The Process

Shreya PattarOct 28, 1 min

I hit 10K followers in 5 months on Instagram!

April 2019: Created my Instagram account & rarely posted

May 2020: Made a decision to post regularly

I followed the “book”:

Post daily,
Respond to comments,
Comment on other people’s posts,
Use lots of hashtags…

And started gaining 15-20 followers everyday.

This meant… I would hit the 10k mark in about 2 years.

The “book” was not working for me.

So, I decided to do WHAT I enjoy doing, no matter how CRAZY it seemed!

– Shared ALL my learnings for FREE

– Created relevant, engaging carousels

– Hosted weekly Q&As

– Did multiple LIVE sessions every week (40+ hours of FREE content available on my page)

– Multiple LIVE interviews every week

– Created freelancing memes on Reels…

Within 5 months, BOOOOOOOOM!

Hit the 10k mark!

(And now I finally have the super useful “Swipe Up” feature!)

Lesson? Stop focusing on what worked for others, and focus on doing what you enjoy doing.

Own the process and make things work for you, in your OWN way.

Are you owning your process?


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