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Does age matter if you want to start a business?

Shreya PattarJun 20, 1 min

🔴 Evan
• Started a toy review YouTube channel at the age of 8
• Making $1.3 million a year

🟠 Leanna Archer
• Made hair pomade from her grandma’s recipes at the age of 9
• Earns $100,000 annually

🟡 Moziah Bridges
• Started a bow-tie company at the age of 9
• Earns $150,000 per year

🟢 Cameron Johnson
• Founded ‘Cheers and Tears’ at 14 yrs old
• Went into software development & online advertising
• Earned $400,000/month in high school

🔵 Adam Hildreth
• Built ‘Dubit,’ a teenage social networking site
• Millionaire by 16
• 2004 – made the UK’s top 20 richest teens list

🟣 Christian Owens
• Started web design company at 14
• Offered bundle of apps for Mac OS X
• Millionaire by 16

Would you look at their age & dictate the price for their services?

Ignore the age of the person.

Focus on the experience,
Focus on the track record,
Focus on the recommendations & testimonials.

What do you focus on: age or experience?


P.S. Age is something that doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese.

~ Luis Buñuel

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