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Dear prospects,

Shreya PattarApr 11, 1 min

Dear prospects,

Please don’t set whimsical shortlisting and selection criteria. Our time matters too…

A prospect approached me.

We spoke over the phone, he asked me some questions about my work.

I mentioned clearly that the domain they operate in is new to me.

The prospect said that was okay, and gave me a writing assignment for trial and to test my capability.

The assignment involved intense research.

Since the domain was new to me, I ventured to write with dedication, spending hours on getting it right.

Once I submitted the assignment, the client said that they found my work impressive, but they were looking for writers with specific expertise and experience in their domain.

Since I lacked the experience, I was not even a part of their selection criteria.

This was disheartening.

This seems to be even worse than nepotism.

If you are looking to hire someone, be a clear and transparent about the shortlisting and selection criteria.

Most importantly, abide by this criteria.

Our time is valuable too.


P.S. Values beat experience when experience doesn’t work hard.

~ Doug Radkey

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