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Dealing with payment, getting traffic, writing a contract, and more… I answer 18 Qs you asked!

Shreya PattarDec 25, 5 min

Last week, I had a Q&A on my Instagram page ‘shreyalinkedin‘. I received a lot of questions, which I am sharing the answers to here:

1 .How to deal with payment for articles when you are writing for others?

I always ask for 50% advance. Often, I even understand how prompt a client will be future payments based on this. For monthly retainership, I ask for 100% advance payment.

2. Best course and certification to do for beginners?

I haven’t done any course. Just start doing it yourself, and you’ll learn.

3. I write my own blogs but I don’t get any traffic…

Cross promote! People need to FIND your blogs, and that won’t happen out of the blue. So, promote your posts on social media, and ask other bloggers to give you a pingback (mention link to your blog in theirs). You need to INVITE traffic!

4. Who’s your best friend and what are the qualities you like in that person?

Myself. I like my honesty… with myself.

5. The thing you are most thankful for and why?

My parents, who supported my passion.

6. As a content writer, is there any future scope?

EVERYTHING is content!

Youtube video scripts. Description on shampoo bottles. Banners and ads. Notifications. Social media posts.

Content may change forms and move online, but content will always be a part of everyday life.

7. How to remove boredom while traveling?

While traveling to/ from work, I write LinkedIn posts, respond to my clients, and listen to music. On long flights, I just sleep.

8. Some preparation tips for content writer interviews?

If you’ve been a freelance writer, show yourself as more than a writer. Talk about your experience in finding prospects, closing deals, handling clients, accounting, negotiating, following up, marketing yourself, etc. This will give you more value than just ‘I write…’

9. Do you use journoportfolio? If yes, could you explain more on it?

I don’t use journoportfolio.

10. How important is the summary section in LinkedIn?

As important as a CV is to apply for an interview: VERY!

11. When did you start writing?

Content writing? Over 2 years.

12. How to find topics to write about? Like trending topics

Check the trending hashtags on LinkedIn, and write about that. The best thing would be to write about what you love, like I write about writing!

13. Not sure if it is appropriate, but could you please let us know your monthly earning range?

Enough to make me want to make more ๐Ÿ™‚

14. How to start with content writing?

Check out all my tips here:

15. Can you share a template for contract?

These are the main things I mention in a contract:

  • Work details
  • Total amount
  • Timeline
  • Number of edits provided
  • Byline or ghostwriting?
  • Payment terms (dates, bank details, transaction/ conversion fees if any)

16. How to be a great copywriter?

Still figuring out how to be a great copywriter ๐Ÿ™‚

17. Hi. I’m a fresher. I love writing but how do I write according to SEO?

I don’t focus on SEO. I believe that if a word belongs in the blog, it will be in the blog. If you do go in for SEO, make sure it is an engaging article too, because engagement is also important for ranking.

17. Do you think content writers must work for free initially? If not, how much should they be paid?

Content writers should not work for free initially. The pay must be minimum Re.1 per word. Check out point #2 in this article:

18. What are your weekend plans?

Wake up at noon, write lots of content, binge-watch Criminal Minds.

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