“But I am – only 15, 18…” – already 25, 30…” – Shreya Pattar

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“But I am – only 15, 18…” – already 25, 30…”

Shreya PattarMay 14, 1 min

“But I am
– only 15, 18…”
– already 25, 30…”

Accept your age and start writing.

“But I
– haven’t done any courses…”
– haven’t done any internships…”
– don’t have experience…”

Do something about it and start writing.

“But I don’t
– write well…”
– get good engagement…”

Start writing consistently & be patient.

– clients only pay peanuts…”
– no one pays advance…”

Find clients who pay as per your terms.

Don’t console yourself with excuses.

List the reasons why you can’t do something.

Then, start doing it, seek guidance and keep practising.

Practice writing.
Define your work terms.
Stick to your work terms.
Commit to yourself.

It will all work out.

Let your reasons propel you to write.

What reasons are propelling you?


P.S. I attribute my success to this— I never gave or took an excuse.

~ Florence Nightingale

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