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“I’m building a business and I want to beat THAT company…”

Shreya PattarApr 09, 1 min

“I’m building a business and I want to beat THAT company…”

I often get such messages from fresh entrepreneurs.

They contact me for content.

When I ask what the purpose of their content is, they say, “I want to beat XYZ.”

I think that’s where most people lose their focus.

The purpose of your marketing should be to:
1. Listen to and understand your audience
2. Grab attention
3. Get more leads
4. Get and retain clients
5. Grow your business and be profitable.

If you are focused on beating a well-established business that are market leaders, rather than growing and building your own business, you are letting yourself down.

It doesn’t matter who else is in the game.

All that matters is that you play YOUR part and focus on doing what is required for your business.

If you want to compare your startup company to a competitor, compare yourself to their nascent and startup stage.

You‘ll be truly surprised to see the number of pivots they did to reach the present stage!

Your business is about you and your customers.
These are your priorities.
Not the competition.

So, what’s your purpose of building a business?


P.S. Great companies start because the founders want to change the world, not make a fast buck.

~ Guy Kawasaki

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