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Advice to a 14-year-old making ₹20k in 4 weeks

Shreya PattarOct 28, 1 min

“My 14yo brother made ₹20k in 4 weeks and is able to get clients beyond Fiverr. What should I advise him?”

I was asked this question on my Instagram LIVE yesterday.

My response:
He is 14 years old
He made ₹20k in 4 weeks

Do NOT advise him.

He is on a roll right now and has the momentum and confidence going for him.

He is learning intuitively and figuring out what is working for him.

He is able to connect with clients in a meaningful way that makes them pay him.

He is able to showcase his usefulness in the real world.

Yes, he may not know words like lead generation, sales funnel, types of pricing etc.

But he has his own superpowers:

• high energy levels
• self-learning by trial & error
• being unhindered by the burden of expectations
• striving only for results
• low cost of failure.

Allow youngsters to own their successes and also their failures; it will keep them grounded too!

What would you advise this 14yo who made ₹20k in 4 weeks?


P.S. The best advice comes from people who don’t give advice.

~ Matthew Mcconaughey

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