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8 Things To Mention In Your Contract (For Freelancers)

Shreya PattarDec 23, 1 min

8 Things You Must Mention In Your Contract (For Freelancers):

1. Scope of work
– What services are included, and what are not

2. Fees
– Mention the breakdown, total fees, and any discounts offered

3. Process of working
– Indicate your work-hours, times you are available for calls, how you will submit the work, etc

4. The final deliverables
– Content on a Google Doc?
– Graphic designs?
-Publish content on a website?

5. Timeline
– On what day(s) will you submit the work? Until when will you offer edits?

6. Number of edits
– “Up to x additional edits will be provided per piece of content.”

7. Byline
– Are you getting the credits, or is it ghostwriting?

8. Payment terms
– How should you be paid, what percentage of the amount, and on what date?

Of course, do include any other term(s) specific to you and your work.


P.S. A contract is only as good as the people signing it.

~ Jeffrey Fry

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