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8 reasons why freelancers should charge an advance

Shreya PattarOct 28, 1 min

1. Qualify the client — if they pay an advance, they most probably will be responsible clients.

2. Seal the deal — clients are less likely to ghost you after paying you for the work.

3. Set your payment cycle — getting paid in advance helps you gauge your monthly workload and income.

4. Show your professionalism — charging an advance (and sticking to your terms) is a mark of professionalism & integrity.

5. Fix the client’s investment — when you’re charging a fixed fee upfront, there are no hidden costs for the client to worry about later.

6. Reduce stress & distrust — when you’ve received an advance, you’re more focused on giving a quality output rather than worrying about getting paid.

7. Focus on the work 100% — when you are not stressed about the payment, you can fully focus on the work.

8. Always get paid — set this non-negotiable term, and always get paid!

Do you charge an advance?


P.S. Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event.

~ Brian Tracy

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