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7 Ways A Freelancer Can Enjoy A Holiday Season

Shreya PattarDec 23, 1 min

7 Ways To Enjoy The Holiday Season As A Freelancer:

1. Share your availability with your clients.

2. Ask your clients about their availability.

3. Give your clients deadlines for “ordering” new work.
For eg. “For any new work, please message me by 15th December, so I may complete the work before I take a break.”

4. Spend 1-2 every single day, including holidays, on work.
This will reduce the stress of resuming work from a standstill after the holidays.

5. Focus on prospecting.
You are losing 2 weeks’ worth of prospecting this month, so focus on it for the first 2-3 weeks of December.

6. Close deals for January, and get paid in advance to book your time.
This will help you keep up with the momentum of your work and income.

7. Protip: You may offer new clients a 5-10% discount for booking you 1 month in advance.

And finally, enjoy your holidays guilt-free!

Wishing everyone an amazing December… work hard and party hard!


P.S. To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.

~ Leonard Bernstein

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