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5 Things My Schooling Taught Me

Shreya PattarDec 23, 1 min

5 Things My Schooling Taught Me:

1. Be accountable.

— Do the tasks given to you. Never blame others for your mistakes. And don’t justify your failures.

2. Be appreciative.

— Applaud others’ grades, talents, victories. You own what you cheer.

3. Be a good student.

— Be curious and stay in learning mode. Always!

4. Develop your competitive edge.

— Take initiative. Active participation in sports and events sets the foundation for future work ethic.

5. Be ever grateful to teachers and non-academic staff.

— They did the best they could under the circumstances.

What have you learnt from your schooling?


P.S. Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is a product of the activity of learners.

~ John Holt

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