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My 1-hour client call went on for 2 hours

Shreya PattarJul 19, 1 min

I NEVER take such long calls.

But this was okay.


1. This was our FIRST call in months.
2. We reviewed the work so far, and finalised the next steps. No more calls needed for another few months!
3. The call was meaningful and every minute was wisely used.
4. I pitched for an additional service & bagged the deal.

The point is: be adaptable if you want good things to happen.

Calls may extend, you may work on the weekends, you may negotiate more than expected.

And that’s okay.

As long as it’s meaningful for you & your client, be open to stepping beyond your comfort zone at times.

Would you step beyond your comfort zone?


P.S. When you go out of your comfort zone and it works, there’s nothing more satisfying.

~ Kristen Wiig

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