Hey, I am Shreya Pattar

Hi there, I am Shreya Pattar, a premium freelance content writer and copywriter.

Here’s what I do: I help you win more clients, make more money, and freelance successfully.

You see, I absolutely LOVEEEEE freelancing.

Which means, I also LOVEEEEE every single aspect of it: Prospecting; Negotiating; Closing deals; Setting down my terms; Creating contracts; Creating invoices; Managing clients; Handling client crisis; Building a team; Managing a team…

And of course, I do ALL this while creating content for my LinkedIn/ Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Youtube, conducting Instagram LIVE sessions, taking consultation calls, and helping you become a successful freelancer.

Okay, how about we discuss more over a consultation call?

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See you soon!

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20-min Freelancing Consultation Call

If you are committed to freelancing, are serious about it and have questions about how to grow as a freelancer, book a call with me right now.

I will answer any questions you have about marketing yourself, finding leads, pricing your services, writing content, being confident for calls, converting clients, dealing with clients, getting paid what you ask for, negotiating, and much, much more.