Biryani in a Bamboo, Prawns in a Coconut: Lip-Smacking Foods of Rustic India

Shreya PattarApr 05, min

Biryani in a Bamboo, Prawns in a Coconut: Lip-Smacking Foods of Rustic India

Source: This article by Shreya Pattar was originally published by NDTV Food.

Be it Mumbai’s vada pav, Hyderabad’s biryani, Delhi’s chhole bhature or Kolkata’s rasgulla, Indian cities are known for and remembered by their authentic local food. As the taste pleases the palate, it takes a permanent spot in the travel diary and memories of the explorer. While the big cities are commonly recognised by their food, experiencing unexplored delicacies in small towns brings a new zest to travelling.

In a land with over 1000 languages, it will be no surprise to come across endless combinations of unknown flavours. We may possibly never run out of experiencing something new in these rich regional corners of India!

Are you ready for some mouth-watering dishes? Here is a list that reflects the delicious essence of various lesser-known locations in India:

1. Bamboo Biryani – Wayanad, Kerala

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Ever had biryani cooked inside a foot-long bamboo? Yes, inside! In Wayanad, long-grained rice is cooked with authentic spices and your favourite meat inside a bamboo, which promises to give a punch of flavours to your taste buds. Roasted on a natural cooking stove, nothing can beat the exotic smoky flavour. Wayanad’s bamboo biryani will indeed connect you with the scent (and roots!) of nature. Try the hot biryani with freshly made cold raita, and lose yourself in the flavours of rustic Kerala.

2. Ennai Kathirikai – Munnar, Kerala

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This South Indian delicacy with stuffed brinjals cooked in spicy masala is sure to please your taste buds. The sweet-spicy fragrance of the tangy brinjals perfectly aligns with simple ingredients to create a mouth-watering dish. Seasoned with red chilies, lentil and exotic whole spices, this dish is a truly delectable explosion in the mouth. Try it with steaming hot rice, with ghee drizzled on top!

3. Daab Chingri – Puri, Odisha

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This scrumptious prawn curry is cooked inside an exotic tender coconut shell, and is complemented by authentic flavours of five spices traditionally known as ‘Panch Phoron’. Generally found along the Eastern coast of India, this sweet prawn dish is cooked and served in a coconut. Its colourful sight and the regional taste will leave you enchanted. One may not find a better place to enjoy this luscious delicacy than by the coastal belt of Bay of Bengal

4. Mushroom Mappas – Thekkady, Kerala

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Imagine savouring the rich flavours of fresh coconut milk and authentic spices in a creamy curry. The real deal is much bigger than what you imagined! This dish is made by sauteing tropical mushrooms in aromatic hot coconut oil with green curry leaves and succulent spices, and then blending with fresh coconut milk.

So the next time you happen to be in Kerala or Odisha, try these authentic regional delights and experience the pulse of the city.

Written by Shreya Pattar

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