• Shreya PattarApr 02, 7 min

    Occupational Safety in the Industrial Workplace

    Safety first is safety always. — Charles M. Hayes   Every industry requires a prioritised sense of, and action towards, safety. Certain...

  • Shreya PattarApr 02, 1 min

    Disposable Income, Digital Media & More: What’s Boosting India’s Outbound Travel?

    Until a few years ago, an international trip was a privilege and a luxury that few people could experience. In 2019, international...

  • Shreya PattarDec 16, 5 min

    Studying Abroad: A Guide Based On My Experiences

    Hi, I am Shreya. I am from Mumbai, India. I moved to Dublin, Ireland in September 2018, to study English Literature and...

  • Shreya PattarNov 06, 1 min

    “How do I make money from my blogs?”

    "I've written a few blogs. How do I sell my blogs?" I've been getting such messages a lot lately. Here's the real,...

  • Shreya PattarNov 06, 3 min

    Internship Interviews: From Getting In to Walking Out

    This article was originally published by Shreya Pattar on LinkedIn. A Guide for #Interns 1. Getting an Interview: i. Be specific Fill...

  • Shreya PattarNov 06, 3 min

    3 Lessons Every Young Entrepreneur Must Learn from Taylor Swift

    Source: This article was originally published in Trinity Business Review by Shreya Pattar She’s turning 30 this year, and has already been...

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